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Essential Roof Tips for a Safe Winter

chimney-612246_1920Our Sunshine State nickname pretty accurately implies that we don’t have to deal with a whole lot of that white stuff (also known as snow and ice) where we’re located in Jacksonville, Northern Florida. But for plenty of you sprinkled throughout the country, January brings a bitter cold and onslaught of snow, ice and frigid temperatures that spans the next few months.

While we’re thankful not to be shoveling snow-covered roofs or removing ice damns from gutters, we commiserate with our cold-weather friends. Below freezing temperatures for weeks on end, snow, and ice build-ups can cause considerable damage to your homes’ roof. While it’s officially wintertime, it’s never too late to give your roof a thorough inspection so as to avoid minor issues becoming major problems. Make these preparations before layers of snow and ice blanket your homes roof for months to come.

Inspect your roof – It is dangerous to climb on the roof in the wintertime, so be cautious and hire a Jacksonville roof repair professional when necessary. Issues you’ll be looking for are cracks in the seals and damaged or loose roofing materials.

Remove excess snow – Experts say that more than a foot of packed snow can cause damage to your roof and increase the risk of it collapsing. Remove any snow within four feet of your drains and gutters to improve your drainage. Roof rakes are a handy tool for clearing snow from your roof.

Check for ice dams – Icicles hanging from the gutters? This is usually a sign of ice dams.  Ice dams can cause serious damage to your downspouts.  Remove ice dams right away to avoid future costly repairs.

Check your drainage system – Remove debris from your downspouts. Having clear roof drains will allow moving water to stay off your roof, which will reduce the possibility of damage occurring from the harsh winter conditions.

Preparedness is key and will save you the headaches you’re likely to suffer should your roof leak, tear a hole, or even collapse. Stay on top of roof maintenance this snowy season to ensure your roof is capable of standing up to the worse winter has to offer.