Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

When you’re comparing roof contractors, take the time to ask each one several questions before choosing who to hire. These are some vital topics to ask roofing contractors about during your searching process.

Name and Address – A good roofing contractor will provide you with a physical address. Use this in an online search to verify the company exists. While doing this, perform some independent research about the company’s history and reviews. Don’t trust reviews directly from the company’s site.

Insurance Coverage and Licenses – Ask the contractor if he or she has a current license and insurance coverage. If the contractor is insured and licensed, ask for the license number. This is verifiable with a state agency. Ask for the insurance policy information and the name of the roofing contractor’s insurance company. Verify the contractor has coverage before signing any work agreements.

Use of Subcontractors – It’s important to ask if the roofing contractor uses any subcontractors. Many use at least one or two subcontractors for larger projects. If they do, it’s important to ensure subcontractors are covered under their own insurance policy and the contractor is responsible for any damages or negligence from the subcontractors. If the contractor cannot provide proof of coverage for the subcontractors, don’t do business with that individual.

References and Work Examples – Always ask for professional references before hiring a roofing contractor. Most roofing contractors have several reference companies that will testify to their work. Some also have online sites with pictures of their work. A good contractor describes the work instead of just providing pictures.

Warranties – Ask the contractor is there is a warranty for the roofing work. A good contractor stands behind his or her work. If a warranty is offered, be sure to read all of the paperwork thoroughly. Make sure to understand exactly what is covered and how long the warranty lasts.

Good roofing contractors are transparent and understand the importance of transparency. Sites that list work descriptions, photos, links of independent sites with reviews, personal references, licensing information and insurance information are typically the best choices for any roofing work. Most companies or individuals offering all of these benefits typically have the best warranties and service quality. For a wide variety of quality roofing services, contact at 904-619-8790.