The Benefits of Choosing A Crown Roofing

Our company’s Jacksonville roofing contractors are able to install new flashing, to eliminate leaks and to add vents to your roof’s main ridge. With more than 17 years of experience, our enterprise has received numerous awards from the Better Business Bureau, and in addition, we have been given excellent reviews on Angie’s List.

Energy Efficiency
Numerous studies have shown that roofs with a light color are able to reflect the sun’s rays. As a result, the shingles can substantially reduce the costs of cooling a home in the summer months.

Jacksonville roofing contractors can install flashing that will stop rain from seeping through the parts of a roof that come into contact with a home’s siding. Generally, shingles will overlap the flashing, and consequently, the components will typically not be affected by wind.

Ice Guard
During a storm, water tends to build up on the edges of a roof. To prevent this, our experts will sometimes place ice guard on the roof’s lower sections, and this material is also designed to withstand hail.

Positioned on the roof’s central ridge, these components generally allow cooler air to enter the attic during the summer. According to numerous studies, the vents are able to substantially improve air quality in a home.

The Chimney
Several analyses have shown that the area around a house’s chimney is particularly likely to leak, and homeowners usually do not notice these breaches until extensive damage has occurred. Our Jacksonville roofing contractors will install extra caulk and especially large pieces of flashing around the chimney.

Managing Insurance Claims
If your roof has been damaged by a storm, our experts can help you to create a list of materials that must be replaced. Once the claim has been approved, our company’s Jacksonville roofing contractors will bill the insurance company directly.

Additional Services
Our business is able to install insulation of all types, to modify a home’s rooms and to add new gutters to a house. Furthermore, our experienced experts can install and repair siding.

Getting Started
If you would like to obtain a free price estimate for our services, you may fill out the form on our website, or you can call 904-619-8790. Additionally, you may view photographs of projects that our Jacksonville roofing contractors have completed.