Caring For Your Roof in Spring and Summer

white-storks-447525_640As we approach summertime in Jacksonville, it becomes the ideal time of year to maintain your roof. Roof maintenance may take a few hours, but the time is well spent as it could save you from costly repairs later. (If you have any safety concerns with walking on your roof, contact us to perform the maintenance!)

As the afternoons get hotter, we recommend working in the morning while temperatures are lower. Working gloves are recommended, too.

First, you should clear your roof and gutters of debris, such as twigs or leaves. These could cause damage if they’re left to rot. Be sure to also trim nearby branches to lessen the need for cleanup down the road. Remove any moss by applying a roof moss killer. Check for loose gutters, too, as its common for them to loosen during storms. You can test them by running water through them using a garden hose. You should also check gutters for an accumulation of asphalt granules (from shingles), as this could signal that it’s time for a roof replacement.

Next, inspect for shifting, missing or damaged shingles. If the shingles’ adhesive strips are no longer as functional, your roof is being exposed to potential leaks.

If you have any serious damage to your roof, contact the roofing specialists at A Crown Roofing to request a free estimate.