Common Roofing Terms

Wind Damage Shingles

Wind Damage Shingles

Like any homeowner, keeping a watchful eye on the condition of your roof is important. You want to be sure to remain vigilant for areas of concern and have them fixed before it becomes a major issue and costly expense. Along with your roof comes a slew of technical words that are unfamiliar to most, unless you’re a roofing professional. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the most common roofing terms so you know what you’re talking about when considering roofing repairs or replacement. Speaking the language of the roofing expert will ensure you properly communicate the concerns you have with your roof.

Basic Roof Parts
Sheathing or Deck – Boards that are secured to the rafters and used as a base for the rest of the roof covering.
Felt or Underlayment – A fibrous material that’s used as a layer underneath the outermost surface of the roof.
Flashing – Pieces of durable metal used for weatherproofing.
Covering – This refers to the felt plus the outer layer (which may be shingles, metal, slate, or tile).
Drainage – These are the features that allow water to drain off and can include the roof’s shape, its slope, and the way it’s laid out.

Structural Features
Ridge – The angle at the top of a sloped roof, where the two sides meet to form a peak.
Valley – The angle that’s formed when two downward sloping roof sections meet.
Eaves – The bottom edges of the roof that hangs over the exterior walls.
Fascia – Boards mounted on an exposed rafter end or at the top of an exterior wall to protect from the elements.

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