As a company that has been in the business of roofing for nearly two decades, we have won a hard-earned reputation for offering our customers solid, valuable, and honest advice. We are the Jacksonville roofing company that people trust because we are always willing to discuss various cost effective options based on straightforward assessments. And that is why we advise our customers:

Do not replace the roof unless necessary. Our highly trained team of technicians will run an experienced eye over your room to make an assessment based on a thorough inspection, and then tell you whether repairs or replacement are the best option. Sometimes there are a few years of life left; in other cases, not replacing a roof could be potentially disastrous.

Do check out various options. A Crown is the Jacksonville roofing company that offers you a range of excellent roofing options including metal, fiber glass, asphalt, tile, concrete masonry, and so on. We will also offer you valuable advice to help you make your choice based on the structure of the building, its ability to handle weight, statutory requirements and so on.

Do opt for a design build. At times our customers are not sure about what they want. So we have devised a way to ease things for our customers, something that helps crystallize choices. Our Jacksonville roofing company will create a free design build for you.

Do check out credentials. We have received both glowing customer recommendations and awards that recognize the quality of our products and services. We have some professional memberships and associations and have received awards such as the GAF Award for Habitat for Humanity Roofer 2013 and the GAF Award for Consumer Protection Excellence Award 2014.

If you would like to know more about our Jacksonville roofing company and the products and services we offer, email us at You can call us at 904-619-8790 or 844-514-9078 (toll-free).