Roofing Myths Debunked

1When it comes to protecting your home, the roof is the first line of defense. It’s your homes protection again sunlight, wind, rain, snow and ice. Unfortunately, however, unlike regular maintenance to the rest of your home, your roof isn’t afforded the same treatment. It’s often not thought about until there is a problem, like a leak. As you know, at that point the damage is done and major repairs, which can be costly, or a completely new roof, are required.

If you’re lucky, you may only need to replace a roof once or twice in your lifetime.  But the decision you make about the type and quality of those roofs has enormous impact on your homes structure as well as heating/air conditioning costs. Making poor decisions on such an important protective barrier can lead to moisture problems, either inside walls or above ceilings, and structural damage.

Before making such an important decision, here are some myths about roofing you should understand.

  1. Myth: Your roof does not need an annual inspection.
    Fact: It’s a good idea to survey the state of your roof annually, if not more frequently.
  2. Myth: You’ll save money by fixing problem areas after the damage is already done.
    Fact: You will save money by taking care of repairs before the roof leaks.
  3. Myth: Damaged shingled roofs can be fixed by covering the existing layer with new shingles.
    Fact: That method does not work! In fact, it will only create further damages in the future.
  4. Myth: Attic insulation saves energy and helps roof performance.
    Fact: Adding more than the required insulation can block ventilation openings at the soffits and eaves and might trap moisture, leading to mold issues.

Tip: Take good care of your roof and fix any issues before they become major problems. Contact your Jacksonville roofing company, A Crown Roofing, for all of your residential roofing needs.