Is it time for New Siding or Windows?

If it’s time for new siding, Windows or Gutters? It’s time to give A-Crown Roofing and Construction a call!  We’ll walk you through all the different product options, explain our expert installation process, and make your home look like new!  Give us a call—our home inspections and estimates are always free and with absolutely no obligation!

Fiber Cement Siding

Resistant to chipping and cracking, fiber cement siding could be just what you are looking for. . It is specifically designed for different climates so you know it can last in the extreme humidity and heat. The siding you get in Chicago is much different from the siding you get in Florida.  Call us and ask us about Fiber Cement siding options today!

A Smart and Simple Way to Invest in Your Future

There’s a reason why vinyl siding is the most popular exterior cladding.  Mixing handcrafted beauty with modern technology, vinyl siding wins popular favor with its appeal, durability, easy upkeep and excellent value.  It’s also friendlier to the environment than many other siding products, making it a great choice today and for generations to come.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Did you know windows can be a major source of energy loss?

You can change that with a energy-conserving window system. Many of the lines we offer meet or exceed Energy Star® standards, and you can choose from vinyl, wood and even impact-resistant windows.

You can also add tinting to reduce solar heat gain and protect your valuable furnishings like hardwood flooring, carpet and furniture from fading, all without affecting the view.

How do vinyl windows compare with windows made from other materials, such as wood and aluminum?
The performance and longevity of vinyl windows compare very favorably to those of other building materials, and vinyl often costs less to produce. Vinyl windows and doors are rapidly capturing a major market share as more builders and homeowners learn about vinyl’s outstanding value and economy.

Long-lasting beauty, low maintenance and excellent thermal efficiency ratings give vinyl windows a winning edge over other types of replacement windows. Our vinyl compound is produced with extra levels of UV inhibitors to help withstand harsh weather conditions, and it is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Vinyl won’t pit or peel over time with only simple care and cleaning, windows can keep their beautiful appearance for years to come.