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Superior Quality with GAF Roofing

1When only the best roofing materials in the industry will do for your home, GAF roofing system is what you seek. While many reputable companies provide quality roofing products, GAF roofing shingles are some of the best available in the industry, hands down.

GAF is the biggest manufacturer of both residential and commercial roofing in America. Founded in 1886, GAF provides roofing that is affordable, well-made and safe.

If you’re considering a GAR roofing system, first you should know that while the cost isn’t exorbitant, they are not inexpensive either. Quality materials that will withstand the elements and conditions your roof does require well-made shingles. GAF roofing systems don’t skimp on quality in order to be the cheapest option. If you’re bargain shopping for the cheapest price, a GAF roofing system won’t be included in those quotes.

Quality is important when it comes to residential roofing, and you are paying for quality when you purchase GAF roofing shingles. When you choose a low roofing cost over quality, you end up losing money in the long run when you need to repair shingles or replace the entire roof. Roof repair can be expensive, especially when low-quality shingles begin to leak and damage the interior of your home.

Interested in GAF roofing system Jacksonville, FL? Call us today and we’ll gladly come out and give you a quote and show you the many style options and price ranges available. Also keep in mind, GAF roofing shingles come with a lifetime warranty and non-prorated coverage for the first 10 years.