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Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, roof leaks can happen any season of the year, and when they do they are a major nuisance. Bothersome as they may be, roof leaks are a serious matter that needs to be found and fixed promptly.

At the first sign of a leak – like a discolored or damp walls or ceilings – you want to find the source of the leak and contain it. If you’re a weekend warrior and think you can tackle the initial job of temporarily stopping the leak, or you require a Jacksonville roof repair company, you want to take swift action to patch it up before it gets worse, or get a roofing expert there fast!

Whether your roof is two years old or twenty keep this list handy. You never know when it could mean the difference between doing a quick repair or a major remodel. Start your inspections in one of the few common places in which roof leaks usually occur.

Roof Vents – It’s important for any penetration through the roof to be sealed properly to prevent leaks. Inspect the gaskets around vent pipes for cracks or gaps and check for missing nails.

Debris – Buildup of debris such as twigs, leaves or pine needles can trap water against the roof and allow it to seep in. It’s important to keep the roof clear to permit water to run off quickly.

Gutter Backup – Gutters that are clogged with leaves or other debris can slow the water flowing off the roof, giving it time to soak through.

Problem shingles – When water gets past the shingles, it can seep below, which can then cause leaks inside the home. Look for signs like loose granules, curling or buckling shingles, or obvious missing spots.

Chimney – The flashing around the chimney is a prime source of leaks. Flashing covers up a fairly large gap between the chimney and the roof, and it tends to pull away or rust over time.

Once you’ve located the leak, call a professional for help! A leaking roof isn’t something you want to mess with. Be sure it’s repaired properly in order to prevent future problems.

How To Make Your Roof Environmentally Friendly

a-crown-roofing-re-roof-jacksonville-fl-1-e1414086469288When looking for a roofing material, most people go for those that are durable, affordable, and above all environmentally friendly. Homeowners today are interested in reducing their home’s impact on the environment. In addition to basic changes, such as installing energy efficient appliances and low-flow shower heads, it is also possible to reduce a house’s environmental impact by making changes to the roof.

If lowering your energy bill and utility costs, as well as reducing your homes footprint, is important to you than here is some easy-to-implement roofing related options that are environmentally friendly.

Insulation & Ventilation
Proper insulation and ventilation of a roof system can benefit the environment and lower your heating and cooling costs at home. The reduction in power and fossil fuels used in heating and cooling help make a more environmentally efficient house.

Solar reflective tubes are a great way to bring natural daylight into almost any area of a house. Daylighting provides natural daylight during daytime hours, which will benefit the environment by reducing electricity.

Water Barrels
A simple and relatively cheap method of lowering a homeowner’s impact on the environment is to place a water barrel at the downspouts. The water runoff can be collected and used for outdoor water purposes like watering the lawn, garden, or cleaning outdoors.

Roof Maintenance
Proper roof maintenance including keeping the gutters, downspouts, and roof area free of debris which will help extend the life of a roof system. At the first sign of a problem, call your Jacksonville roof repair company, A Crown Roofing. Fixing the problem early and delaying replacement will result in cost savings and less material waste.

Choosing the Best Roofing Company

construction-worker-569149_1920Not all roofing companies are created equal. When it comes to repairing or building a new roof for your home, you need to be selective about which roofing company or contractor you choose. There are likely dozens of roofing companies in your area that claim to offer high-quality services at a low price. But how do you know for certain which is the right one for you?

First, look for someone with roots in the community; a contractor who has favorable reviews from customers as well as industry awards and accolades that indicate top-notch products and services.

If you want your new roof to stand the test of time, you need to partner with a roofing company that invests in some of the highest quality materials available on the market today. The quality of your new roof is only as good as the materials used to build it.

If you’re not sure whether you homes roof needs a full replacement, partial replacement, or repairs, you need honest and trustworthy experts who will offer you an accurate assessment based on your particular needs and circumstances.

We at A Crown Roofing have been in the Jacksonville roof repair business for long enough to have garnered some valuable and wide ranging experience which equips us to respond to any requirement, whether industrial, residential or commercial.

A Crown Roofing is one of the most lauded and respected roofing companies in Jacksonville, Florida. We are recognized as a GAF Master Elite Contractor and we are proud to members of The Northeast Florida Builders Association. Contact a member of the team for a free quote today!