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Roof Snow Removal Tips

1In Jacksonville and the surrounding areas, we needn’t worry about winter roof snow removal. We’re pretty thankful for that. But, for a large portion of the country, snow removal is an important roof maintenance precaution that helps to prevent major roofing damage and issues.

Mother Nature can really bear down and beat up on a roof, especially an aging one. To ensure there aren’t any collapses, and to prevent major ice and snow damage that can be a costly fix in the spring, it’s important to remove some of the heavy snow from your roof over the next few months. Precautionary steps now can eliminate costly fixes or the need for a new roof later.

Clearing the snow off of your roof from the gutters or eaves upwards of three to four feet after each winter storm can help prevent ice dams from forming. Remember to never use a ladder in snowy and icy conditions. This can be extremely dangerous.

Snow Removal Tips:

*Don’t use mechanical snow removal equipment or sharp tools, such as picks, to remove snow.
*Use plastic rather than metal shovels.
*Remove snow starting at the ridge and moving toward the eave for gable and sloped roofs whenever possible.
*Try to buy a rake with a roller or bumper.
*Avoid contact with power lines and never push snow onto power lines.
*Remove as much snow from the overhang before you start raking.
*Never throw salt on your roof.

Taking these cautionary steps will help to prevent a roof collapse and prevent ice damage. While roof snow removal does not 100% eliminate the odds of ice dams, it immensely improves your chances. When snow isn’t an issue but you’re in need of a Jacksonville roofing company, call on the pros at A Crown Roofing.