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What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking

gutter-pipe-54531_1920The tell-tale signs of a leaky roof, like water dripping down your walls or stains on the ceiling, are often cause for panic. But before you get hysterical it’s important to do immediate damage control to keep the destruction to a minimum.

Minimize the Damage – A soon as you notice a leak, take immediate action in order to protect your possessions and the interior of your home. Move all electronics, furniture, and anything else that might get damaged. If you can’t move something, cover it with plastic. Place a bucket or trash can under dripping water.

Controlling Roof Leaks –Bubbles or bulges in the ceiling are a sure-fire sign of a roof leak. This means water is pooling, and if pressure isn’t released it could cause your ceiling to collapse.  Using a pin or screwdriver, puncture the bubble and allow the water to drain.

Locate the Source – Start with the roof; the majority of leaks come from areas where the shingles are missing or damaged, flashing around chimneys and vents. Also, not all leaks come from the roof. Damaged interior pipes can be the source of the problem.

Call a Professional – Minimize the damage, get the issue under control and attempt to find the source so that you can prevent further damage, but the next step is to call a roofing contractor in Jacksonville, FL. You’ll want a professional roofer to come out, survey the issue, find the source of the leak and fix it properly.

Choosing a New Roof for Your Home

house-634358_1920When it comes to household updates you’re accustomed to picking out paint colors and choosing tile patterns. But choosing how you want your roof to look? That’s a new one for many. Whether you’re building a home from scratch or choosing a new roof for an existing home, there are number of considerations when selecting the best roof.

Often, style or aesthetic comes to mind first. What do you prefer the roof look like and how would it best match the style of your homes exterior – be that siding, brick or stone? Your finishing options include anything from asphalt, wood and composite shingles, to slate, concrete and clay tiles. But even more important that the look of your roof, are the quality and types of materials used, as well as installation and product costs. Naturally you have a budget that you need to be conscious of as well.

Costs include the prices of the materials, as well as labor, but there are other areas that need to be factored in. Is there an existing room on the home that needs to be torn off and does the supporting structure need repairs?

When designing your roofs look, keep in mind that not every roofing material can be used on every roof type. Just because you think clay tiles look best, doesn’t mean that’s the right choice for the roofs layout.

When it’s time to start considering a new roof, contact your roofing contractor in Jacksonville, FL, A Crown Roofing. Our experienced team will help you choose the right roofing system that’s best for your home.