Tips for Eco-Friendly Roofing

Residential Completed ProjectDid you know there are ways to ensure your roof is environmentally friendly? Here are some changes you can consider to make your roof green.

Add roof overhangs: This can help cut your energy costs by keeping your house cool in the warmer months. Simply blocking direct sunlight can make a significant difference!

Choose a light color: A lighter color on your roof will reflect light away, keeping it cooler and also minimizing your cooling costs.

Selecting tile: A tile roof can last up to 100 years! It can also be recycled and the curved shape helps with ventilation.

Selecting metal: Like tile, metal roofing is recyclable. It can also be painted a lighter color, or you can add some light-reflecting pigment. Although not a new technology, today’s metal roofs have come a long way from the tin roofs of the ‘50s!

Adding proper ventilation: During warm temperatures, proper roof ventilation allows hot air to be released when it would otherwise build up inside. When roofing ventilation isn’t sufficient, it creates warmer temperatures inside your home, putting more strain on your air conditioning system.

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